Problems to Solve

Perspective & Positioning

SituationĀ (buy side)

  • Need to evolve outdated legacy systems
  • Limited resources to develop new capabilities
  • Poor understanding of new applications
  • Need insight to develop strategy / roadmaps
  • Difficult to engage teams across enterprise
  • Need to avoid failure and wasted effort

SituationĀ (sell side)

  • Need to increase sales of applications
  • Limited ability to make business caseĀ 
  • Difficult to differentiate offerings in market
  • Need better insight about customer needs
  • Inability to improve user adoption rates
  • Need to expand sales through enterprise


  • Identify areas with biggest problems
  • Quantify cost of hidden info-based waste
  • Quantify solution impact potential & ROI
    • Productivity Gains
    • Cost Savings
    • New Source of Revenue
    • Value Enhancement
  • Use new insight to:
    • Develop Step-Change Strategy
    • Create Solution Roadmaps & Action Plans
    • Conduct pulse surveys to identify needs and concerns
    • Identify best apps based on user needs
    • Evangelize apps to enhance user buy-in
    • Reward engagement, track use & train

What Drives Ability to Evolve Business?